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Forum Message Edit Bug

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I know this is supposed to be for Immunet issues and not website's, but I didn't find any better place to post it.


I've just edited a private message and realized the textarea got rid of all carriage returns and/or line feeds (further referred as CRLFs) so the text appeared as jam-packed.

I've reinserted the characters and previewed the message and, although the preview was showing the right structure, the textarea got rid of CRLFs again!

Then I thought it could be that the textarea doesn't care showing CRLFs, but pressing preview again (no reinserting CRLFs this time) showed the jam-packed text...


The problem must then be related when transferring the posted text to the textarea or some other obscure processing.



I'm using Google Chrome 17.0.963.56 (up to date) on Windows 7.

I must also note that I don't have this problem when editing forum post. This is specific to PM editing.



This is not an important issue, but I thought you would like to know.

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