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Which Antivirus Works Better With Immunet


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My specs are these.


windows 7

2Gb ram

Microsoft essential

Comodo firewall security free

Malwarebytes free

Spyware terminator free

spyware guard


winpetrol free


i want to know which antivirus is better for me, as i am getting virus and new forms of intrusions just every other other day.. pls help..

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Hi Gilbert, that's a very good question! I'm sure you're aware that Immunet Free can be a "companion anti-virus" to many popular anti-virus packages. In my opinion Immunet and Avast!, AVG or Avira Antivir makes a killer combo for the simple fact that these AV's will detect rootkits as this detection capability is missing in the free version of Immunet. These AV's also usually do very well in independent testing as does Immunet! What do I use? With my setup I use Comodo Internet Security too (Firewall & Defense+ only), Panda Cloud Pro, Immunet Free (ClamAV enabled) and Mamutu. I also use Malwarebytes as a on-demand scanner as well. Why those AV's? Because both Panda & Immunet are cloud based, both are very light on system resources and they work very well together, providing excellent protection. The free version of Panda Cloud will work nicely with Immunet too. The only difference between the free and paid versions of Panda Cloud is that there is no automatic USB Drive protection with the free version. I also use Kaspersky's rootkit scanner called TDSSKiller. If you use one of the combinations I just described you could go without the anti-spyware programs since Immunet is great at detecting not only viruses & worms but also spyware & adware! This would free up valuable system resources and make your PC run that much quicker. If you do go with one of these combinations I would turn off or uninstall Microsoft's Security Essentials and disable Comodo's anti-virus, if you're using it, as you wouldn't need to run 3 or 4 AV's! That could really slow your system down. Speaking of system resources, since you have 2 Gb of RAM, the minimum amount recommended to run Win. 7, I would consider using a RAM optimization tool. CleanMem is an excellent freeware tool to achieve just that. I use it myself and recommend it. You can download these AV packages at a reputable download hub such as CNET, MajorGeeks or FileHippo. CleanMem can be found at the developer's web site called pcwintech.com. Best wishes, Ritchie...

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Hi Gilbert, glad I could help clarify things for you. I have used TrendMicro's on-demand scanner in the past. It was part of Hitman Pro's line up of anti-malware apps that I used a number of years back. I remember the scan times were quick but that's about it unfortunately. Any newer version since then I haven't tried. As an extra on-demand scanner I wouldn't see the harm in using it as an extra tool in your anti-malware arsenal. So which setup are you going to use? I used Avira for several years before switching to Panda a few years ago. At that time I was encountering updating problems with Avira (they have corrected that problem since then) and was also looking for something with a lighter system footprint. That's why I switched to Panda Cloud. The first version I used was still in beta which I helped in testing! Then I discovered Immunet as a companion AV to Panda and the rest is history! Actually, things were not all wine & roses in the beginning. There were some conflict issues with Panda Cloud & Immunet at first but these issues have since been resolved however. One important thing to do regardless of which AV you decide to use is put each AV's Program Files folder in their respective Exclusion List. That way they'll recognize each other as safe programs. By default, when you install Immunet several of the major players AV's Program files are already excluded. Regards, Ritchie...

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Hello fblais, yes you can use the ClamAV module with Malwarebytes. By enabling the ClamAV module and automatic updates for it that will give you added protection and off-line scanning capabilities with Immunet. When you enable the ClamAV module use the "Update Now" feature afterwards to download and install the latest definations to your HDD. When using Immunet as a companion AV it is highly advisable to exclude Immunet's Program Files folder with Malwarebytes and do the same for Malwarebytes Program Files folder with Immunet's Exclusion List as well. That way they will see each other as safe programs and this will help avoid any possible conflicts. I use Immunet Free with the ClamAV module enabled as a companion AV to Panda Cloud Pro myself. Plus I do use Malwarebytes Free as an additional on-demand scanner. The FileASSASSIN and Chameleon apps for Malwarebytes are useful tools to have installed just in case too.


Cheers, Ritchie...

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BTW, just installed the french version, and it's still at version

Even if I click on Update, it says my version is up to date.


I also posted on the Translations forum, but didn,t get a reply it. (asking if a french locale for the 3.x series is in the works)


The sole difference between that older version and the latest one that I did notice is the absence of the ClamAV local database.

If that's the biggest difference, it's no big deal, as I'm running SAS Pro in real-time along with Immunet. (uninstalled MBAM)

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The translation strings for newer versions of Immunet have not been updated for some time. Why exactly translations has taken a back seat I don't have an answer for that. That would be a question for the developers to answer. Translations has taken a low priorty shortly after Sourcefire purchased Immunet. You recieved the most up to date version that supports your native language. If you're comfortable enough using English you could uninstall and reinstall using the English language version instead. That way you will recieve the newest version.

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Thanks Ritchie.

Do you know where I can find a releases history note in order to see what changed since then please?

Honestly, if the company doesn't want to update this product with other locales than english, do you think this is an incentive to invest $25 for the Plus version?

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Here is the change log for the version:

* Fixed Immunet using high CPU usage and Disk IO after completing a full scans or installing a large application.

* A new "Send file metadata for analysis" option has been added to the the Community Settings. This feature helps Immunet determine when applications have become infected by new types of previously unseen malware.

* Memory leak fixes for long running agents.

* IPtray (GUI) typo and crash fixes.

* Fixed a case where the Spero Engine could fail to initialize correctly.

* Fixed a bug where running on domains could cause Immunet to re-register with the Cloud.


There's some other fixes that's not listed that include better scan times, performance and stability too.


You are correct there! If you speak something other than English as your native tongue that really isn't a great incentive to purchase a Plus activation key. I also wish they would start updating the language strings so more users can use the newest version which has some great improvements over earlier versions. That really doesn't make much sense to me either why that's not happening. I believe most company resources are being directed towards FireAMP which is geared toward corporate enterprise enviorments and there's a Immunet for Mac users being developed too.

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