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More Info In System Tray Icon


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For the moment the System Tray Icon is only giving the info "Immunet Protect", when you hover over the icon!


When running a scheduled scan the scan is hidden in the background (not shown on the screen).

In order to know if a scan is running the System Tray Icon should give information about this.

If Immunet is hidden, the icon should also give info about errors, that have occurred.


A.) Important to have

A1.) Status info by hovering over the icon

By hovering over the Icon more info should be given below the first line: "Immunet Protect".

On the second line the following alternative info should be given:


1. "Not Scanning"

2. "Flash Scanning......"

3. "Custom Scanning........"

4. "Full Scanning......."

5. "Rootkit Scanning......." (for PLUS version only)

6. "Disconnected!

7." Not Secure!"

8. "Not Updated!"


A2.) Icon giving warning

When there are errors like disconnection, not secure, or not updated,

the icon should also visably warn about this by for example:


a.) Turning red

b.) Showinga a red cross

c.) Shaking

d.) Slow Twinkling


B.) Nice to have

B1. Path of file presently scanned

By letting the cursor hover above the Tray Icon, the abbreviated path of file presently scanned, might be shown on the third line, in order to give a kind of scanning-progress in alphabetical order.

If space is not enough, use smallest font-size!




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@ sweidre


Thanks a lot for posting these ideas


I came here looking to post it but you have already posted it


Blessings! :D


This thread is from August 2010, and I want that any of the Immunet staff (admin or mod) comment upon this idea!



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