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Manually Configure Ports In Your Firewall


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A lot of users have a third part firewall running which is a great idea but sometime some problems between the firewall and Immunet happens.

Most software based firewalls will automatically ask if you want to allow Immunet passing through but a few dont.

The few software based firewalls and most hardware based firewalls who dont allow Immunet to run probably need to be configured to allow Immunet to communicate with the cloud.

To allow connection to the internet you need to allow or open a few ports that are being used by Immunet.

The port number used for cloud communication are:


80 - TCP (HTTP)

443 - TCP (HTTPS)

32137 - TCP.


53 - UDP is needed for DNS lookup.


So keep those ports open for Immunet in software and hardware based firewalls.


(Hardware based firewalls are often built-in in routers and modems).

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