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Improve Online Scanner!

Guest TheA!

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Guest TheA!

Lets create an Online Scanner for FREE USE on the Official Site. It Uploads an file depended by the user, and it scans it - But, to be sure just to see if it's a Virus, the Online Scanner has Behavior Module.

This file that is uploaded, will be checked for viruses with Signatures/do all what you do, and if 0 Virus has been found - It will be launched onto the Server(In Virtuel Environment) and watches its Behavior.

If anything Malicous is found, it will NOT be cleaned from the system, we could use this just like Virustotal! ;-)


And, implent the Online Scanner with Behavior Module into Immunet Protect Cloud. From there, every file you download will be submitted to Online Scanner to be checked against Signatures, Hereustics, and Behavior. The user can also choose NOT to check the files with Behavior Module.

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