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Remember To Validate Your Account


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Hello all Immunet users and guests. I have been watching the amount of registration doing the last 2 days and the count was about 60 registration. What a great support! But even though we love the amount of new users, we can see a negative amount of not validated accounts. Out of the 60 new users only about 10 validated their accounts which leaves 50 none validated accounts! If the account is not validated then it cannot be used to post/comments on the forum. I write this notice in hope of remembering new users to validate their accounts by pressing the link provided in the mail sent to you upon registration by Immunet forum. None validated users will automatically be deleted after 60 days in the future as we believe that it is not likely that it ever will be validated that long after registration.


If you have any question then feel free to mail me at:




If the forum fail to send the mail somehow please check you spam folder first and then mail me.

Good luck and thanks for your support!


Best regards


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