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Very Disappointed

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I am going to be spending the next many hours removing Immunent / ClamAV from all of our computers, certainly would not consider paying for this product. Installed on Windows XP Pro and Windows 7 Pro computers of varying hardware and in every case the performance is horrible, it causes all kinds of issues with other programs ranging from hanging installs without a warning until all the protection is turned off to just slowing the computer down so much it is amazing. On top of that I had to build a program to install the bloody thing without user input and now it would appear I need to do the same to install. Might be fine if there is just a computer or two but please, building a proper msi is not rocket science nor is building an installer/installer that accepts command line input for remote console installs.


Sorry but this product is so backward I won't even look at it in the future

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Hello rcooper5908, if you haven't uninstalled yet here is a copy of a post that RobT made addressing the issue of a few users who have encountered performance degredation with Immunet : A small number of users have reported issues with Immunet's performance degrading over time, or slow performance after upgrading from an older version of Immunet to 3.0.5. If you find you are experiencing either of these issues please try the following solutions:


1) Clear your Immunet history.db:

- Please note that once you complete this step you will not be able to restore anything that was previously quarantined.

- Download the attached "clear_db.zip", extract it, and run the clear_db.bat script.


- If you know your way around the cmd prompt you can clear the database files yourself:

net stop immunetprotect

del "c:\program files\immunet\*.db"

net start immunetprotect


2) Configure Immunet settings for best performance:

- These settings will make Immunet run as fast as possible, however you will be sacrificing some Security for extra performance.

- Open the Immunet interface (right click the Immunet icon in your system tray and select "Open Immunet 3.0"), click settings

- Turn Blocking Mode off (General Settings -> Protection -> Blocking Mode)

- Disable archive file scanning (Scan Settings -> Scan Archived Files and Scan Packed Files)

- Turn ClamAV off (General Settings -> Clam AV Detection Engine -> Enable ClamAV Engine and Allow Definition Updates)


3) Add exclusions to prevent dual and circular scanning:

- If you have any other AV products installed on the computer ensure you have added exclusions to Immunet to prevent scanning them.

- Vice-versa, ensure you have added an exclusion for C:\Program Files\Immunet to any other other AV products you have to prevent them from scanning Immunet.

- If you run any continious backup software, ensure Immunet is excluded from scanning it, and ensure it does not back up C:\Program Files\Immunet

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