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Immunet Blank Screen?

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@Millard The link you provided me didn't work. I already checked the registry editor for that thing before 0 but i don't have it. What do i do?

The link just leads you to the "No Ui Showing" link which contains information about the funny character in [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Zones]. Since you've already done that, it's got to be another Internet Explorer thing. A few questions:

* What version of Internet Explorer are you running?

* What version of Windows are you running?

* What version of iptray.exe are you running? (Go to %PROGRAMFILES%\ImmunetProtect\version\iptray.exe and right-click on it and look at properties)


and a few suggestions:

Open Internet Explorer and try:

* On the General tab, try deleting your browser cache, click on the try and select Hide, and then re-launch through the start menu or desktop shortcut

* If that doesn't work, try going to the Advanced tab and Reset all of your Internet Explorer settings


Also, could you attach a screenshot.

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Guest KeithR

Copy and paste it into the url.


Unfortunately the URL you provided will only work on your own computer. You may be able to attach the image to a forum post (look for a 'Choose File' button below the edit box when you are replying). If that doesn't work, could you mail it to us at support@immunet.com ? Thanks - Keith

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