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Nigerian Scammers


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I just read an interesting article on CNET. I bet most of us have received an email from some Nigerian prince claiming he'll give you millions of dollars if he can only use your bank account information for a little while. The vast majority of people are not conned by this obvious attempt at scamming you out of your money and just delete the email. So why do these criminals continue to use the same methods year after year? They "know" most savvy computer users are not going to fall for this ploy. What they're betting on is attracting the attention of the most naive, vulnerable, gullible and greedy individuals with the promise of quick riches. So in essence what their doing is targeting a very small section of the population which will give them a good chance of success at their ill gotten gains. That makes their scamming attempt not so stupid and ill conceived as it may appear. The famous circus promoter, P.T. Barnum, was once quoted as saying: There's a sucker born every minute! It also appears that these bogus emails are on the rise recently. Regards, Ritchie..

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