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I was doing some general maintenance on my roommate's machine which includes malware scans of course. After completing a Flash Scan with Immunet & an Optimized Scan with Panda Cloud I then ran a Quick Scan with Malwarebytes. MB found freescan_2012.exe on his XP Pro 32bit machine. After a subsequent Full Scan in Safe Mode with MB several left over registry keys needed to be removed as well. The Cloud engines, ClamAV or Panda's Optimized scan did not detect this. Here is the info that Virustotal has on this very suspicious file. It could be a Trojan masquerading as a fake anti-virus which is installed by a malicious web site or link redirect. Robert has no knowledge as to how or where he got this installed on his computer however. I suspect he clicked on a link he shouldn't have.

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