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Msrdo20.dll Shown As Pua


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The file MSRDO20.DLL in my system32 folder is giving following result after scanning with CalmAv


MSRDO20.DLL: PUA.Win32.Packer.Installshield-2 FOUND


I have set the Additional clamscan command line parameters as



I want to detect any PUA installed on my system but why is this file which comes with VB6.0 install is giving problem?Is the file really corrupt?

I tried downloading this file from internet but it gives same result.

Please help as i need to package the project and don't want final executable to give error because of this dll.


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Hi paramjit, I would recommend going to Virustotal and have the file in question scanned and/or search their database to see if they have any info regarding if this file is indeed malicious. If you're confident that it is not malicious and is a false positive you can manually add that file path to Immunet's Exclusion List in the Settings. Or if it has already been quarantined open the GUI and click on Quarantine. From there click on the file and click Restore. This will automatically move the file path to the Exclusion List. Regards, Ritchie...

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