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Hi Adriano,

"Something that Immunet will 'NEVER' do is install any malicious code so you can breathe a sigh of relief there!"

What it will do is while installing Immunet the installer will scan your system and if it detects one or more security vulnerabilities it will automatically install extra code to compensate for those security weaknesses to your system. After installing and especially if you make changes to your current security set-up you could also get the added code installed at a later date.

Not everyone who installs Immunet will get this added code. I never have since I already use a robust layered security set-up besides Immunet & install all Windows security patches right away.

Given that fact I couldn't tell you the exact file path(s) used for this code in the Program Files folder, that's something a developer would have to answer since I'm not involved with how the code is written for Immunet.

Cheers, Ritchie...

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@Adriano, Please open the Immunet interface by either clicking its icon on the desktop/start-menu, or double-clicking the tray icon, and perform the following steps:-

  1. On the right-hand panel of the Immunet interface (the panel title is "Product"), click on "Settings".
  2. Scroll down the settings, and click on the option "Notification Settings", to expand it.
  3. A menu appears, "Tray Icon Notifications", with 3 options ("Cloud Notifications", "Verbose Tray Notifications", "Gaming Mode").
  4. Ensure that the second option ("Verbose Tray Notifications") is set to "off".

I think that the behaviour you experience is caused by the "verbose tray notifications" setting, which someone must have toggled to "on". When this is "on", Immunet reports all files it scans, whereas if it is set to "off", Immunet only reports infected files.

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You could be right zom!

Maybe it is just that the Verbose Tray Notifications setting has been inadvertently enabled by Adriano. Didn't even think of that at the time darn it! 

The Verbose Tray Notifications setting should normally remain off unless instructed to enable it for troubleshooting or debugging purposes.

As always, thanks for your input zom!


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