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praful patel

immunet services not running w7 immunet ver 7.5.0

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also fixit show servies not running.

process iptray.exe show running bt goto services not listed, 

try scan - connecter status stopped

fixit - please restart service


no idea why not working although show running. 

winows defender sdervice is stopped.

2021-12-03_184100-immunet 7.5.02 report_resize.jpg

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This can be caused by a connectivity issue. Make sure that Immunet's processes are not being blocked by your firewall or other installed security software.

Immunet's processes are cscm.exe, iptray.exe, sfc.exe and freshclam.exe (if using the ClamAV module).

Create exclusion/exception/allow rules for these processes with your security software.

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There is another unfortunate cause for the app to not function properly, if you installed Immunet on an already infected machine.

Something else I'd like to add, since you're 'still' using Windows 7.

Microsoft ended support for Win 7 which means you haven't received any new security patches, enhancements or bug fixes in a considerable amount of time which will leave your system more & more vulnerable to malware & hackers as time passes.

Fewer software developers will want to support this outdated platform in the future.

Immunet still supports Win 7 users for now but it's only a matter of time before that changes I'm sure.


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