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Configure ClamAV's OnErrorExecute


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Possibly there's someone here more experienced than I am with configuring the 'OnErrorExecute' option in freshclam.conf.

What I want to achieve is that, when freshclam isn't able to update the virus definition for some reason, a (powershell) script is ran that calls an internal API.  The way I have configured it now in freshclam.conf is as follows:

OnErrorExecute powershell.exe "D:\Updatelog.ps1"

I'm trying to force an error by disconnecting my computer from the internet. That way it doesn't seem to do anything. When I run this exact line (excluding the 'OnErrorExecute', of course) in a command prompt window, it works like a charm, and the API is called. My suspicion is that I'm using the wrong format for this property to trigger the command, but that is just a guess.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Thanks in advance,

Kind regards,


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