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Unhelpful popup in systray


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As a new user I'm finding Immunet nice and lean however there are some lack of features I'd like to fix or understand, if possible. Although I enable gaming mode it only stays that until the next reboot. It  sometimes pops up a message in the systray that is meaningless to me. I can't copy the text and if I look in file history there's no information there about whatever this event is and in the default setting there's too much info about non-problems to find anything.

  • How to copy the text of the popup?
  • How to get more detailed info about any warnings?
  • How to permanently disable any non critical messages altogether?


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First, Gaming Mode is designed to be disabled if you reboot. This is actually a security feature in case a user forgets that Gaming Mode is enabled.

With Immunet you have to use screen captures to document any data with pop-up messages as you can't use copy & paste. This is a know issue.

You can open the UI then click on the History tab to view more detailed data. If it's a quarantine response just click on the underlined word Quarantine just below the History tab.

Don't use 'Verbose Tray Notifications' in the Notifications Settings. This is for debugging & troubleshooting purposes only and should remain disabled unless instructed to enable it. I like to use it myself but you can also disable Cloud Notifications. 

I hope this answered you questions.
Cheers, Ritchie...

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Hi PLugh.  Turning gaming mode on  prevents immunet from displaying  popup notifications when malicious files are detected. (It could lso be thought of as focus/silent/work mode). 

Turning Gaming mode back on  after  reboot is by  design.  The idea is if you forget you turned gaming mode on (common after a good game), or someone else turned it on without terlling you, you might never realize  your computer has become infected unless your one of the rare users who checks their  logs regularl, since you would never get another obvious  popup detection message.    As a security product we err on the side of more safety.

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