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Quarantine Failed


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There are times when a quarantine response will fail if it's just a Windows temp file that no longer exists after you closed the app that made it.

If you keep getting this same detection, and you're sure it is a False Positive, you could try to use the Restore feature for that file. Once restored Immunet will automatically put the file path in the Exclusion list & will no longer be scanned.

Just click on the file listing located in the History files & choose the 'Restore' feature.

If you run into difficulties using auto restore for the file you can create a custom Exclusion rule by manually typing in the 'exact' file path. Just be careful not to get any typographical errors to the file path. Click on Settings -> click on Add New Exclusion -> type in the file path to the little blank dialog window  -> click on Add Exclusion.

Since this is a detection by the ClamAV module you could also report this as a False Positive directly to the ClamAV development team here. http://www.clamav.net/contact

Best wishes, Ritchie...

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