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Windowblinds doesnt work with Immunet

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Windowblinds was giving me a popup saying that its not properly installed. I looked it up, and the solution for that back in 2013 was to disable some feature (HIPS) in a particular antivirus software, I never used. So I wondered if It's because I just installed Immunet yesterday, if Immunet was causing the same problem as that other antivirus software from 2013. That occurred to me after a bunch of troubleshooting I did earlier and restarting the PC multiple times. Anyhow, the moment I uninstalled Immunet using a special uninstall software, Windowblinds started working again.

Perhaps I had to add some files to the exclusion list to make them both work together, but by that time I was already worn out with all the troubleshooting I did earlier. I'm just happy I got Windowblinds working again, as I do love my OS looking sweet. Just thought I should let folks know here and maybe get that sort it out. I would love to try Immunet in the future again.

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