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Immunet compatibility


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Hello Newbee,

Qihoo 360 is not in the list of supported or unsupported AV's that are known to be compatible with Immunet.

360 does not do very well in AV comparatives testing including ransomware protection. Plus it doesn't exactly get rave reviews by security experts either! In other words it's a rather mediocre AV to use. 

But if you still wish to use Qihoo 360 & to see if it is compatible with Immunet make sure you create a custom Exclusion rule for 360's "entire Program Files folder" with Immunet.

Also, do the same with 360. Create an exclusion/exception/allow rule for Immunet's entire Program Files folder as well. That 'usually' goes a long way at avoiding any serious conflicts between the two AV's.

If you're not sure how to create this Exclusion rule with Immunet let me know. I can give you detailed instructions on how to accomplish that.

Regards, Ritchie...

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