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General Rules.


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1: Users are not allowed to have more than one account at the time.


2: Users are not allowed to use proxy.


3: In case of rule violation, you can also use the built-in Report button to notice the Immunet team that there is a topic/post/user that violated the posting rules. Please, do not misuse this option.


4: Limited your signature so it wont be too big, Admin/Mods may ask you to limit it or in some case remove it totally.


5: The use of images or text containing the words "Moderator", "Administrator" or "Admin" in the signature is forbidden.


6: Please use unique avatars.


7: Use of signatures with external links may be removed without any notice.


8: Post new topics in the correct sections. If you post the question in the correct section, you have a higher chance of getting a correct answer for your problems.


9: Bumps/Topic advertisments or any other attempts to make a topic more visible without adding any new or relevant information will NOT be tolerated and the post will be DELETED.


10: Off topic replies will be deleted. Repeated posting of off topic replies will lead to an warning.


11: Keep text color, fonts and letter casing within a normal and pleasant range.


12: Before opening a new topic, we strongly suggest that you use the SEARCH button, to be sure that the problem was not already discussed.


13: Do not ask the same thing on more sections of the forum. Do not post the same topic more than once.


14: Please be patient – there are a lot of issues on the forum and we are doing the best we can to answer them all. It may take several days to answer.


15: We do not allow people to post threads that advertise. Topics of this type will be automatically DELETED.



Please notice that "How To Behave" may consist some of the rules mentioned. "How To Behave" is custom made for all forums and should be followed as much as this.


Best Regards:


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