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Where are quintine files located???

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Ok immunet detected and quinine a potential virus. Where is it located when it is quarantined.  When I trace the path it is not there (perhaps it is quarantined and I don't want to restore it).   I like to submit the file to places like virustotal of analysis.  Thanks  

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Please go to the other related post in the Malware Detections section of the forum regarding Adobe as I responded to that.

Since these were just temp files it is a very good chance that they no longer exist once Adobe reader was closed, they were automatically deleted.

But you can look to see if anything is actually in quarantine by clicking on the word "Quarantine" located below & to the right of the "History" tab on the UI.

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@tankace: I'm not a moderator, but I faced this problem before. You do not mention what OS you are using but I will presume that you are using some sort of Windows 7/8/10 OS. The Quarantine is located in C:\Program Files\Immunet\Quarantine\

In the Quarantine folder, the files that Immunet has detected as malicious will NOT have their original name but will be in the format of hash and hash.dat. So if you want to submit the file(s) to another Virus program or VirusTotal, then you need to restore them (from the Immunet UI) - see "restore" below.

If you need to mass delete, go to C:\Program Files\Immunet\Quarantine and delete all (remember to disable protection while deleting to avoid "multi detection" of old threats)

The expression "Remove a file from quarantine" is a bit tricky!

If you choose "delete" (in the UI) the file is removed from the quarantine and from the computer!

If you choose "restore" (in the UI) the file is removed from the quarantine but restored to its original location in the computer!

Hope this helps.

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