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Server 2003 Dns Service

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Hello, I am not good speak english. I am sorry!

Today I am update immunet to last version on server 2003.

Then I am restart server DNS service started, but dont work,

after command to stop and start DNS service it be work good.

Then I am uninstall Immunet and restart server. DNS work good.

And I am install Immunet, but Defects then start server return.

If you can help me please.

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Hi Dionisy,


I just want to make sure I understand you correct before I offer any suggestions:


- You have a Windows 2003 machine configured as your DNS server

- You had an older version of Immunet installed on the server and it was working

- You updated Immunet and the DNS started failing

- You restarted the DNS service and it started working again

- You then removed Immunet, restarted the server and the DNS continued to work well

- You re-installed Immunet and your DNS started failing again


Are any of these points incorrect? Thanks.

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Yes, it is right!

Also Server have role Active Directory.


"- You updated Immunet and the DNS started failing"

DNS service strated, but command "nslookup SERVER" or "nslookup ANY COMPUTER FROM DNS" no answer.

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Ok, the first thing to try would be to install Immunet once more. When the DNS starts failling look in the Immunet Console at the quarantine list. If anything important is being quarantined simply restore it. You can then add whichever directory that contains that file to Immunet's exclusion list so it doesn't detect anything else that might be important to the inner workings of your DNS. Another thing you could try is to disable Blocking Mode as this security feature will slow all of your file accesses and your server requests may just be timing out. Let us know what you find out. Thanks.

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