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Free For Business?


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You are correct. Immunet can be legally used in a business enviorment. Have you looked at Sourcefire's FireAMP? This inovative antimalware solution has been designed from the ground up to work within a corporate enviorment with many endpoints. Click on this link for more info on FireAMP. Regards, Ritchie...http://www.sourcefir...tection/fireamp


Edit: As of this writing there exists compatability issues with Windows XP Professional 32bit being used in a business enviroment & Server 2003 using Immunet's newest build. If you're using one of these OS's and an older version of Immunet do not update to this current version at this time or do not attempt to install Immunet on these platforms. The Immunet team is working on a fix for these issues and the next build will once again support these platforms once the new build is released. Also, as a reminder, Immunet does not now or for the foreseeable future support any Windows XP 64bit platforms. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused and do truly hope the new build is rolled out very soon.

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