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What Security Setup Do You Use.


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That's an interesting question. If you take the layered approch, and with so many security apps out there, it's possible to have a very wide range of combonations, while others do take a minimalist approch by just having a firewall and antivirus for instance. Myself I like to use a layered shield of security so to speak. Active security software: Comodo Internet Security (Firewall & Defense+ only), Panda Cloud Pro, Immunet Free, ExploitShield Browser Edition (still in beta). On demand scanners: Malwarebytes Free, TDSSKiller (rootkit detection), Emsisoft Emergency Kit. Browser security extensions (Firefox): BetterPrivacy (LSO removal), BrowserProtect (browser highjack protection), KeyScrambler (keylogger protection), NoScript (website plugins, JaveScript & Java management), Search Engine Security (Blackhat spam SEO protection). There is a trade off between security and system performance when using the layered approch. The trick is finding software that is compatable with each other while not bogging your system reasources down too much! Cheers, Ritchie...

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