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Interface Project Feedback


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Hello! :D


I hope I am putting this in the right place, hehe. My technology class is doing a user interface design project where we make a new interface for a program we like. I have just gotten Immunet, and must sat I am liking it very much, so I choose to do a UI for it. It is due in a few days, but I wanted to get your guys opinion on how it looks, since you know more about the program then me.



Just so you know, I did this at like 10:00 PM at night with a small netbook trackpad, so it was quite hard to get everything sharp and strait. I know some places like kinda wierd but I did all I know. I also did it in METRO as one, I like METRO, and two, it kinda matches Windows 8. Just take a look and give me your feedback if you don't mind, so I can ensure I got this right!


~Thanks, Eli :P







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Hi Eli,


As a school project, I think it looks OK. Graphically I am reminded some how of the early 80's or Win 3.0... The blue fade from left to right is nice. You might get more feedback if you provided some presuppositions (is this for a college or high school class and have you done such graphical work before?)


I wish you the best...


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Hi, thanks for your comment.


This is for a High School class (I'm a freshmen) and It is due Friday so I am kinda rusing to get it as perfect as I can. But now I do see the title bars could have a better look on them, and maybe I could move the community statistics to below the security status line...hm.. so much. I also just noticed I forgot the resource bars! :wacko:



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