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How To Remove Trojan Virus

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If you feel you are infected with some sort of malware by all means run a Full Scan with Immunet of all your hard drives as soon as possible! Go into Settings. Enable the ClamAV module and updates for it, then manually update the ClamAV module. Click on Scan Settings and enable Scan Archive Files & Scan Packed Files. This will increase the scan time but most malware is compressed so Immunet will better detect such forms of infection this way. After configuring these settings run the Full Scan. If a virus is Quarantined it is in essance "nuteralized" and renderd safe and inoperable at which time it can be permanently deleted.


Rootkits are another matter. Immunet Protect Free will not detect them. That's where the TETRA module comes into play, which is only avaliable with the Plus version. I would suggest you install a good 3rd party rootkit scanner and run it at least once a week. I use and recommend Kaspersky's TDSSKiller http://support.kaspersky.com/5350 freeware scanning executable myself.


There are some rare instances where Immunet can not Quarantine suspected malware becasuse of the type of malware involved (a virus or other form using a complex encryption algorithm) and the infection was already present and active on your system when you installed Immunet making the suspected malware file essentially "locked" and inaccessable. If that's the case all is not lost! There are several other things you can try to remove the infection but for now run that Full Scan with Immunet and post back the results. Cheers, Ritchie...

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Here's a tip that's worth mentioning once again. If you want to improve the chance of "malware not getting installed" in your system in the first place keep "Monitor Program Install" & "Blocking Mode" on at all times in Settings. This may greatly slow down installing legitmate software packages if the executable has many files to install. If you run into this situation just temporarly disable these settings, run the installer, then don't forget to turn Monitor Program Install & Blocking Mode back on afterwards! :-)

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