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I Have A Doubt


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Hi everyone, i'm Leandro from Argentina.


Today I installed Inmunet 3.0 and it looks pretty good. But I don't know if the program is connected to internet all the time and when I play online it's slowing down my connection.


Is there an option I should change to play without problems?

Or with default options my internet connection isn't being slowed?


Thank you, and sorry if this is a commonly asked question, but I searched and it wasn't posted.


Thanks again.

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Hi Leandro and welcome to the Immunet forum. You will know when Immunet is connected to the internet when you see the little pop up message from the System Tray Icon saying that Immunet is connected to the cloud. It's important to allow the processes agent.exe and iptray.exe internet access through your firewall or other security software. After that you should have no problems. Immunet shouldn't slow down your internet connection speed as very little bandwidth is used by the software. The only exception to this is the first time you update the ClamAV or TETRA modules as the definations are pulled down from the servers and installed. As far as your second question Immunet does have a Gaming Mode that will disable any notifications while you're playing. Open the GUI, click on Settings, scroll down and click on Notification Settings, then turn on Gaming Mode before you play. Once you are done gaming simply turn this setting off so you will get important notifications once again. If you find Immunet slowing down your game too much you can add the game's Program Files directory into Immunet's Exclusion List. For online games you might have to temporarly disable "Blocking Mode" while you play. Just don't forget to turn this setting back on afterwards as it's an important part of how Immunet protects your PC. Cheers, Ritchie...

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