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Immunet + Avira Internet Security


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Hi All, played with Avira for a bit today. Immunet ships with exclusions that will prevent it from scanning Aira, but for better performance you should also add exclusions to Avira to prevent it from scanning Immunet:


-Right click the Avira Icon in the system tray and select "Start Avira Internet Security". Alternatively, Start->Programs->Avira->Avira Desktop->Start Avira Internet Security

-When Avira Internet Security opens, click "Extras" from the tool bar at the top, then click Configuration.

-Ensure you are in Expert Mode (signified by a straight line on a yellow background)

-Expand System Scanner menu -> Scan -> Exceptions

-Use the "..." button to browse to browse to the c:\Program Files\Immunet folder and add it. Unfortunately, Avira does not seem to cascade exclusions through sub-directories, so you will need to repeat this process several times until you have excluded all of Immunet's sub-directories (and their sub-sub-directories, and their sub-sub-sub directories, etc...)

-Once you've excluded all of Immunet's directories, click Apply.

-Now expand the Real-Time Protection menu -> Scan -> Exceptions, and repeat the above process again.

-If you use Avira as a backup solution you should also ensure you do not backup Immunet's files. Click Backup on the left, and then in the source menu on the right ensure there is no check mark for C:\Program Files\Sourcefire\FireAMP.

-Ensure you click Apply when done to save your changes.

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