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sir pls i need help in installing ,after this pic its gets not responding?? in the sense

it stays in this view only

pls help to install

i tried installing several times but not working


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Hi charan, is your operating system XP Pro? XP Professional 64bit Operating System is not supported and Immunet will not install on this platform. If you're using Win Vista or 7 64bit make sure nothing is blocking the bootstrapper installer from connecting to the internet such as your firewall or other security program(s) you might be using. Also check your UAC security setting and make sure you don't have it set so high as to block the install process. If that's not the cause of the problem you can try this off-line 64bit installer to see if that will work but first see if you can get the bootstrapper to work, by checking your other software's settings, as that's the "recommended way" to install Immunet. https://sourcefire-a...n-us-64-tcp.exe The worst case would be if you're already infected with malware which is preventing you from installing Immunet. Let us know if you continue to have install issues. Cheers, Ritchie...

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