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Clamav For Macs

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There's an anti-malware app that takes advantage of ClamAV's vast malware database and this one's just for Mac users! A part time British programmer by the name of Mark Allan decided to take the open sourced Windows ClamAV detection engine and reconfigure it to function with Apple's Macintosh Operating System. After extensive testing he named this freeware ClamXav.

http://download.cnet...e415&s_cid=e415 If you have a desktop, laptop, notebook or other portable device that uses the Mac OS now you can take full advantage of the anti-malware functionality of the ClamAV engine and it's free! Here's Mark's description of the app: Free GUI front end to the ClamAV opensource virus checker. Update the virus definitions. Point it to a file or folder and scan. Other features include logging results to a file, placing infected files into quarantine, monitoring folders for changes to their contents and a Finder Contextual Menu Item. There's also a support forum for ClamXav at this link. http://www.clamxav.com/BB/


Best wishes, Ritchie...

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