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Immunet Disables Connection Between Kerio Mailserver And Its Hosts

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Immunet 3.0.6 free (immunet) downloaded from immunet server (with calmAV) interrupts connection between Kerio Mailserver 6.4.1(KMS) and its hosts, when installed both at same Win Server 2003 SP2. All hosts in network are connected by Kerio Outlook Connector and they announce ER_Network_fail, when they try to open Kerio Mailserver folders in Outlook. There is none error log in KMS, there is none detection in Immunet regarding KMS. This occurs even if KMS program folder is excluded from detection. There is no threat found by Immunet when scanning Kerio program folder and when scanning C:\Users folder. I have installed an uninstalled Immunet 3 times with resets in between and problem occurs always cca 2 min after Immunet is installed, even if all switches in Immunet settings disable all general options of Immunet. Disabling all detection options and restart of mailserver does not help. Kerio outlook connector at my host stations uses standard IMAP port and can use Ports for POP3, SMTP,HTTP, maybe HTTPS.

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Hi mpalka,


Could you please gather the answers to the following questions and send them (along with a reference to this forum post) to support@immunet.com:


1) If you open the Immunet interface and hover over the About link on the bottom left, can you tell me what text is being displayed?

2) Do you run any other Firewall or Antivirus software on the server?

3) Do you by any chance have multiple users logging into your server and switching between different user accounts?

4) What version of windows are you running and is it 32-bit or 64-bit (you can find out by right-clicking on My Computer and selecting properties)?

5) Open the Task Manager (by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete), click on the Processes tab at the top, ensure that the "Show processes from all users" checkbox is checked and tell me if both agent.exe and iptray.exe are listed.

6) Could you do the following and send me a screenshot of the result:

- Open the Start menu

- In the search bar enter cmd

- Right click on the search result cmd.exe and select Run as administrator

- Enter the command: fltmc

7) Generate Support Diagnostics Report by doing the following:

- Click Start -> All Programs -> Immunet 3.0 -> Support Diagnostics Tool

- A new file will be created on your desktop with a name like Immunet_Support_Tool_[date andtimestamp].7z

- Please email this file to me




- Francis

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