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Cannot Set A Scheduled Flash Scan.

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Hi, I am a newby here, I am almost 76 yrs old but up for anything...

Could some kind soul help me with this problem?

When trying to set up a scheduled Flash scan, I constantly get an error msg.

I am asked for my Windows username and password.

I have got an account and have tried every combination I can think of but nothing seems to work.

To what is it referring to, windows username? Is that the username that I entered when opening my account?

The rest of the program is a breeze and runs well, it seems to be doing a fine job.

Maybe I am missing the point here, but I need to get this schedule thing working.

Thanks for any help forthcoming, I will appreciate it very much.

Cheers to everyone.


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Hello Knocka58 & welcome to the Immunet forum, it could be that you're logged into a guest or other non-administrator account. Try logging into your "Administrator" account, do a restart and then see if you can schecule a scan then.


Fast User Switching is not supported by Immunet so if you change user accounts without rebooting this will cause two process instances of iptray.exe to be launched. Only one instance of iptray.exe (the GUI) can interact with agent.exe (main program). If you want to switch users it's important to do a reboot or use Task Manager and kill iptray.exe for the account that's not being used after switching user accounts.


Regards, Ritchie...

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Thanks Richie for the reply. I am still no further advanced unfortunately.

I am logged in as Administrator as you advised and there is only one instance of iptray.exe on the Task manager list.

When trying to 'çreate' the scheduled scan, I am first presented with the log in box.

In this box the username section is already filled in with 'Maurie'.

My Immunet username is Knocka58, is that what should be entered here? Or should it be something else?

If I enter my Immunet password in the password box, I then get the error msg.. 'Windows username and password is invalid."

What exactly does Immunet want me to enter in these boxes?

Thanks again for your patience.

Regards Maurie.

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Hi Maurie,


Sorry that our User Interface isn't as clear as it could be. Immunet is asking for your Windows Administrator username and password (don't worry, this is all local and we don't look at any of this information). This simply allows Immunet to run the scheduled scan even if your computer is currently logged out of its admin role. Thanks,


- Francis

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