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Immunet Can Setup The Online Analysis System


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Immunet can setup online sandbox(the online analysis system), like Comodo CIMA and Anubis,

1.for some users can submit suspicious files to Immunet online sandbox, not only can understand the file is not malware.

If a file is suspicious, the Immunet client can be quarantine files , to avoid poisoning, compared to the general anti-virus programs submit sample, wait for some time to update signature,compared ,can enhance the response speed.

2.online sandbox can be connected to the immunet samples automated system, If a file let immunet online analysis system determined is suspicious,but Immunet samples Automated system analysis file results is security , this time can be send instructions to immunet client to restore the file from quarantine.

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1. So ETHOS engine is similar to the Norton sonar, find unknown malicious, will join immunet cloud, so if there is no network in the case, ETHOS engine and SPERO engine not can be protected against malware infected.

2. For ETHOS engine and SPERO engine, I have a question to ask, I have encountered a malicious program, he will block the security vendors URL, resulting in I can not use online scan way to remove the virus ,In the process immunet are without any warning messages, I did not start the game mode or off the cloud message, but immunet is without any warning messages, so I suspect immunet no effect until I the sample sent submit@samples.immunet.com, over 48 hr, immunet was detected ‧

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