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New to Immunet, user has slow response open files from Google Drive desktop


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Hello, it seems Immunet staff no longer bother with these forums (and haven't for a while), plus the one volunteer moderator who used to go above and beyond moderating, actually providing all the technical support (unappreciated, undervalued and unpaid too), has been unavailable for a short while.

In their absence, I will answer as best as I can.

Firstly - are you using Immunet within an organisation? Immunet is intended to be for single home users, therefore you would get proper support (and more suitable functionality) if you purchased Cisco's commercial product (Advanced Malware Protection for Endpoints).

I don't use Google Drive but I'd suggest looking at the differences between this user's configuration and the configurations of the other users. Things that can slow Immunet down include the following settings:

  • Blocking mode (because access is denied to files until they're verified clean)
  • Monitor Program Install (because every file is scanned as it's saved/written, instead of just on open/execute)
  • Enable ClamAV Engine (because this is for offline protection, and as such, uses your computer's CPU instead of the cloud)

Turning any of these off decreases your protection but increases performance, so it depends on what the rest of your defenses and threat model are like - for instance, if you're using Immunet in tandem with another solution, etc. I'd say turning-off ClamAV has the smallest impact on protection when you're online, and the biggest impact on performance. I personally always leave all the above settings "on", but performance is adequate on my machine.

I've never experienced this slowdown issue with the cloud provider I use (Nextcloud) and I have no desire to use any of Google's services, so cannot test.

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