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Immunet Tests Done By Winsevenholic


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Of course Immunet does temporarily use more RAM when updating and installing new defs for the TETRA or ClamAV modules, performing a scan, analyzing a file, running process or software installation or quarantining suspected malware. For my Win 7 Ultimate 64bit machine it uses about 30 to 35 MB of RAM when idle with the Settings configuration that I use (everything enabled including Scan Archive Files & Scan Packed Files), which I wouldn't consider excessive. That's much better than some other AV products out there.


"I would not recommend this Settings configuration" but if you want to run Immunet with the smallest system footprint you can use just the Cloud Detection Engines (ETHOS, SPERO). Personally for me that would be too big of a security trade off just to add some system performance as you would lose a substantial amount of protection that Immunet could be providing. Some business users use this Settings configuration if their server sees a lot of heavy usage to help speed things up.


Interesting video I thought. Glad to see Immunet caught almost all the malware samples!

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