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Disaster Caused By Panda Cloud Cleaner

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Dear Immunet:

Of course you are not responsible for Panda. After using Panda Cloud Cleaner for a while, all of a sudden it deleted a whole bunch of starting icons and deleted some other programs. Spent hours putting it all back together. Suffice to say that I quickly deleted the infamous Panda forever. I use Immunet for antivirus protection and my question to you here is does Immunet have a (free) antimalware software. Maybe a cloud one that will not go on a destruction rampage of good files and programs?? :angry:

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Iv'e never used Panda's disinfector before. Sorry to hear it deleted things it shouldn't have. I've used Panda Cloud Pro Antivirus & Immunet Free combo for several years now with almost no situations where Panda Cloud quarantined legitimate files.

Immunet Free is just what the name implies. It's free to everyone and yes it is cloud based if you have the ETHOS & SPERO engines turned on. I've never seen Immunet go on a destruction rampage as you put it. Maybe a false positive from time to time but the files are easy to restore if a legit file does get quarantined.

If you're looking for an aditional malware scanning tool besides Immunet might I suggest Malwarebytes Free. It's not cloud based and you do have to manually update the program but it does a great job at finding malware that other AV solutions have dificulty detecting including rootkits. I've used MB as an additional "on-demand" scanner for years.

Cheers, Ritchie...

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