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Immunet 3.0 Slows Down File Saving Across Network

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Hi Forum Folks

I am running Immunet 3.0 on Windows Home Server 2011. I am very happy with it but I have just discovered that it is the cause of an issue I have been trying to resolve for a long time now. I have 3 other client PCs running windows 7 and MS Office 2010. I use the Windows Home Server as a central location for my family members to save their documents.


eg a Word Document is located on a folder on the Home Server.

I log onto my client PC and open the Word Document from the Home Server.

I edit the document and press save to save my changes back to the Home Server.

The save takes around 30-45 seconds for a small 2K document.


The same problem occurs if I open a text document in Notepad in the same was as above although the save takes 10 seconds when it should be 10 milli seconds for a small text document.


I know that is is not a network issue because I can copy the same files across the network in Windows Explorer and it happens instantaneously.


I just discovered that if I turn the "Monitor Program Install" option off in Immunet "General Settings" then repeat the process above the save is instantaneous as I would expect.


Is there some way of fine tuning the functionality of "Monitor Program Install" so that it does not cause the problem above?

Alternatively, would you recommend I just leave this option off. Remembering that it is a home server and I rarely install software on it.


Thanks in advance


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There is a bug with the current build of Immunet that affects the Name Resolution for Windows Server 2003 & XP Pro used in a networked enviroment. I would venture to guess the same bug is affecting your Server 2011 in some similar fashion. You can leave Monitor Program Install off. You do loose a little protection with that feature turned off but I think it would be worth it if it helps with the issue. There is no other way to modify this feature that I know of.


Regards, Ritchie...

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Hi Ritchie58

From the 1st post by "Davros30" it works just by switching off "Monitor Program Install" but it does mean that I am crippling the anti-virus a bit.


(I have temporarily done that on Windows 2008 R2 so that my staff don't complain about 30s-60s saving time for MS Office files over samba sharing)




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Hello again Jeremy, by turning off Monitor Program Install that does not "cripple" Immunet's virus detection capabilities. Rather it will no longer automatically scan new files that are being installed. If a malicious file is installed the cloud detection engines or the Clam AV module (if you have that activated) should detect any known or suspicious activity and quarantine the malicious file(s) automatically. Of course it's always better to not allow malicious code to be installed in the first place but your still protected if MPI is disabled in Settings. As far as the question you PM'ed me about, manual or automatic (scheduled scan option) virus scanning is not compromised in any way if this setting is turned off. I hope this clarifies things a bit for you Jeremy.


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