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Immunet Version 3.0.12


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As I'm sure some Immunet users have already discovered there is a new update being pushed through the GUI. I got a popup alert about the update earlier this evening. I'm happy to report that this version will install over top the older version thus your previous settings, exclusions and log in information will be preserved which is a nice touch!


This version does have new agent.exe and iptray.exe MD5 checksums so you may have to create new allow/exclusion/exception rules for your firewall, etc...


As far as what's new with this version I currently do not have any further information at this time. Hopefully an Admin. or someone in Development can enlighten us on the changes.



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Saw the update available last night, it flased on my screen too. So opened the iptray, ran the "Updates" and received the file. The system did a full re-install on its own and then asked to reboot. Although it allowed me to do "now" or "later" I chose later and the result was that the iptray restarted, but I lost connectivity to the Internet. Once rebooted I again had access.


One thing I'm noticing is that this is using even more memory than the older version. TaskManager tells me that Immunet agent is using around 54M and iptray is using 5M. Immunet is starting to bloat unnecessarily in my opinion, since it is primarily a cloud based product. I do have the TETRA engine on, maybe that is causing the higher memory usage.


One other thing I noticed is that the clamwrapper isn't starting and running when doing updates, and CLAMAV updates is set to off. Jose, was this also part of the release? It would be nice if the Sourcefire Immunet developers could post a simple "Release" fixes. It is in the spirit of opensource to post your code goals and fixes per release. Is there someway that could be done?


Ritchie, I'm wondering if this release fix could be posted under "Announcements" for the forum?


Best Regards All, Brian A

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Hi Brian, I see about 45 to 46 MB of RAM being used while idle. That's with the ClamAV module enabled and you're right, that does seem to be a bit more system resources being used with this version. Perhaps the TETRA module does use a bit more RAM than ClamAV. If you have ClamAV & auto updates for it disabled you shouldn't be getting activity from the clamwrapper. It's not advisable to use both ClamAV and TETRA together anyway as that can use more system resources needlessly. You "can run" both modules but that's a bit redundent becasue they use a lot of the same defination sigs. Besides, TETRA will detect root-kits.


I have already mentioned to an Admin. about adding a change log for this new version to the Announcements section. Jose, thanks for the input on what's new with this version. Is that the only thing that's different?


Regards, Ritchie...

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