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Dropping Immunet


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I am thinking about dropping this program. I suspect I got a virus from PCH, I have a temp file and EVERY time this program tries to scan it, I get an out of memory error. At last count I rebooted 6 times, once unplugging the computer and restarting in safe mode.

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Hi Grimli, a little more information might be helpful. PCH? Are you refering to Publisher's Clearing House? What build of Immunet are you using (mouse over "About" on the lower right hand corner of the GUI) and are you using the Plus or Free version? It could be malware (clicked on a malicious web site link maybe?) but it could also be a conflict with some other program you have installed that is constantly writing to disk. Adding an Exclusion or two in Settings could be an easy fix for this if it's a "legitimate" program.


What is the name of the temp file that the scan hangs on and do you know which program is using it? If you could upload any relevent screenshots (if you have any screen capture software installed) that would be great.


There is another regrettable possibility that you installed Immunet on an already infected machine. If it is a pre-existing malware infection then this temp file was already being used by the malware when you installed Immunet and this essentially "locks" access to that file by any other program including Immunet. I hope this isn't the case.


Regardless of how or when you got infected, if that is the case, you can run a scan with Immunet in Safe Mode if you have either the ClamAV (Free users) or the TETRA (Plus users) module enabled and updated in the hopes that the malware can't start in Safe Mode without Networking. If you're already positive it's malware then turn on ClamAV or TETRA and Automatic updates for that module in Settings, now scroll down to Scan Settings and click on that tab, turn on Scan Archive Files, Scan Packed Files and Deep Scan if you're a Plus user then exit Settings and click on Update Now and wait for the update process to complete. Then reboot into Safe Mode without Networking (press F8 while your machine is booting) and run a Full scan. It's not recommended you run both modules so if you're a Plus user definetly enable and go with the TETRA module only.


Also, you're more than welcome to submit a SDT report to Support at this time if you wish. Information on how to create and submit a SDT report can be found in the FAQ section of this forum.


Regards, Ritchie...

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