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Beta Testers Wanted: Adblock Plus For Internet Explorer


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I thought this might be of interest to other forum members. If you're currently a Firefox or Chrome user you either use or have heard of Eyeo GmbH's very popular, free, open sourced, extension called Adblock Plus.

As the name implies this free extension will block most ads from loading on web sites you may visit. Not only does this help keep you from being bombarded by web ads, banners and other web based adverts. it can also reduce the time it takes to load a web page since those ad scripts do not launch. ABP will even help with online privacy by blocking some tracker plug-ins.

For Firefox: https://addons.mozil...ck-plus/?src=ss

For Chrome: https://chrome.googl...e/category/apps


A lot of folks asked: why not create a Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer too? For the longest time the developers were not interested in creating an extension for IE for several reasons. For instance, extensions for Firefox can be developed rather easy because they can be written in simple XUL or Javascript. This means that the extension can be easly created & updated as the browser is updated. In simple terms, Firefox and Chrome are very developer friendly. With Internet Explorer, on the other hand, this would require a plug-in using a complex binary language such as C++ which "greatly" increases development time & effort. For that reason you see very few free Internet Explorer extensions. Furthermore, these extensions can only communicate with the browser through predefined interfaces. This means the extension would be limited as to how it can interact with the browser. Despite these facts Eyeo GmbH decided to go ahead and develope a free ad blocking extension for Internet Explorer aptly named Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer!


This is a beta program. So if you are a newbee to computers I would not reccommend you install and use any beta software as unforseen things can happen which would require advanced OS/troubleshooting knowledge. If you're comfortable using a public beta program and want to help out in the development of ABP for IE here is a link where you can download 32bit & 64bit versions and get more info for the extension. https://adblockplus....ternet-explorer


Known Issues:

  • The ABP icon shows up in the status bar of Internet Explorer. However, the status bar is hidden by default in newer Internet Explorer versions so this isn't a great location. Of course, displaying a hint explaining how to enable the status bar isn't a solution — we are still looking for a proper solution here.
  • The processing of blocking rules and especially the element hiding rules is sometimes different from Firefox and Chrome. We are working on some of the issues, others will unfortunately be unavoidable however.
  • Metro mode Internet Explorer in Windows 8 and Internet Explorer in Windows RT are locked down environments that don’t allow any third-party code to run — including Adblock Plus. So we unfortunately cannot support these environments at the moment.
  • Enhanced Protected Mode of Internet Explorer 10 isn’t supported at the moment.

Adblock Plus Forum link: https://adblockplus....wforum.php?f=16


I installed ABP for IE 10 (32bit & 64bit) and it seems to work just fine for both IE browsers so far. It's not quite the same as the Firefox extension and the icon can only be displayed in the IE Status Bar. The settings are very simplistic and easy to configure. Also, with this beta there is no way to create your own filter rules as with the FF extension. Element Hiding Helper for Adblock Plus https://addons.mozil...ehelper/?src=ss is another great extension that compliments and adds to the functionality of ABP for Firefox by easly allowing you to create your own filters. There is no such option or extension for the IE version at this time but it does seem to do a darn good job at blocking most ads.


If you've never used an ad blocking program before and try this extension for FF, Chrome or IE after a very short time you'll think: "how did I ever get by without this extension?" "Experience the difference and change the way you view the web!"


Best wishes, Ritchie...

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