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i just want to run my file after restoring it For the love of GOD


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First things first:

You seem to have a lot of keygen quarantines there. Whilst keygens are not malware in and of themselves (and I disagree with a lot of AV's decisions to detect them, even as PUA), they are extremely often bundled-with or infected-by malware. Before running these, please verify (perhaps using Jotti, Virus Total, or another AV) that they are indeed not actual malware. Please also consider whether there is a free and open-source program that can perform whatever task you wish to do with the proprietary software you are attempting to crack.

That said, I know there are reasonable - arguably legitimate - uses for keygens: for instance re-installing abandonware from a long-defunct company, academic research such as reverse-engineering, re-installing a piece of legitimately-bought software, that is no-longer accepting your registration code, and so on. I'm not judging, I just want a clear conscience before helping.

Once you restore a file from Immunet's quarantine, it should be added to Immunet's exclusion list, therefore it should just run. The main exception to this is if Immunet's process-blocking blocks the file, but your screenshots indicate that this isn't the case. You might be able to get around this by putting the keygen (or whatever you're trying to run) in a specific folder, then excluding that folder from scanning within Immunet's settings. Immunet should then scan nothing within that folder.

If Immunet still quarantines the file, it may be that the file is dropping an executable into another location (e.g. the temp folder), and running from there. You could exclude that folder too, but it will probably significantly decrease your protection.

Finally, if all else fails, disable Immunet and rely on your other/primary virus scanner while running the keygen (assuming you're using Immunet as a companion AV).

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