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Access Violation Error..


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Hi from Western Australia,

Recently another program I use ie: SOLUTO has been telling me that Immunet is crashing quite often.

The reason they give is, in their opinion, that dpi.dll might be the culprit. I have done a bit of leg work and found that the access violation c0000005 seems to be well known. Of-course, if I pay out ona 3rd party program, I can fix it. Has anyone got any idea that this may be correct? If so how can I fix it?

I get no indication from Immunet that this is occuring.

I would appreciate any help here!!


Cheers and Beers.... Knocka58post-20450-0-84843200-1381220658_thumb.jpg

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Are you absolutely sure that Immunet has crashed? It's likely you would get an error message if that happened. If you see that the agent.exe and iptray.exe process is still running in task manager, there should be no issue.


Looking at SOLUTO's support, it seems like it is possible for false positives to be reported:




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