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Do not pay the ransom. It will be money lost because most times the malware will still be present even after payment. You provided little information other than the infection name. Did you have Immunet installed on your system before you encountered the infection? What is your Operating System? This is important as to how we proceed with riding your system of this malware.

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Sorry to hear you got infected with this screenlocker while Immunet was installed. Something I find a little odd. I would venture to guess you were a victim of a drive-by download by a malicious web site or link. I also bet that this variant is using a valid digital signature. That's why Immunet's heuristic engines didn't detect it.


Anyway, Immunet can be run in Safe Mode (keep pressing F8 while booting up). Choose Safe Mode "with" Networking, update Immunet manually to make sure you got the newest signature definations for ClamAV or the TETRA module (depending if you're a Plus or Free user, use TETRA & disable ClamAV if you're a Plus user). Turn on "Scan Archive Files" and "Scan Packed Files" by clicking on the Scan Settings tab in Settings. This will increase the scan time but you'll get a much deeper scan this way. Then run a full scan of all your drives. If that's unsucessful and since you have access to another computer you could download Emsisoft's Emergency Kit and unpack the contents to a flash drive. Then plug the flash drive into your infected PC and use the tools to clean your machine. Emsisoft's Emergency Kit is great at cleaning an already infected machine where internet access (even in Safe Mode) is denied by the malware. Here is a link for more info on how to use and download the tools. http://www.emsisoft....n/software/eek/ It is recommended that you also use these tools in Safe Mode.


Let us know how it goes.

Regards, Ritchie...

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