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About Iptray And Agent.exe Logs

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Dear Team,


I installed Immunet yesterday and I had no problem.

But today I read IPTray log in C \ Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Immunet and Agent.exe log in C \ Program Files \ Immunet and saw some errors. What do they mean? For example: "ERROR: Failed to join the thread, handle lost" or "ERROR: Failed to initialize the CStateLicense" (IPTray log) and "ERROR: QueryTcp3::tryRecv/tcp3: recv len failed" (agent.exe log)

I have Windows XP SP3 and I installed only Immunet and Privatefirewall.


Thank you!

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Hi Stelica,


Immunet keeps a few logs of what it's doing in several places, and you mentioned one of those logs.


I would not worry at all unless Immunet is not behaving properly: errors get logged when, for some reason or another, Immunet is unable to do something. This does not necessarily mean there is a problem, as Immunet will usually just retry and succeed (which, by default, won't be logged).


It looks like nothing is working since the default logging level is set to errors-only (the more explicit logging is for debugging issues with customers, and not possible to enable on your own).


As an analogy, if you did logging as Immunet did (default, only-error logging :D), and you were unable to get the groceries because the store closed, you would log 'Error: Unable to get groceries, store closed'. You would probably go the next day or go to a different store. However, when you do go the store and get your groceries, you would not log 'Success! Got groceries' (as, again, Immunet logging defaults to errors-only).


Hopefully that makes sense, and puts your mind at ease.


Let me know if you have more questions.

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