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Unable To Get Rid Of Immunet 3.0


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I installed Immunet.

I uninstalled Immunet.

This was more than six months ago.


But Immunet is still there, so says Microsoft Security centre (Win XP Pro).

If I turn off MSE it says that Immunet 3.0 is updated and protecting the PC.

Turning MSE on it says that there is more than one antivirus installed.


But I cannot find Immunet anywhere on the PC.

No uninstaller, i.e Windows own or Revo etc. detects it.

So it cannot be removed via theese ones.


I've tried some Remove-Immunet-Tools, but its seems still to be there!


Anyone experienced this?

And is there a way to get rid of it -without reformatting the whole harddisk?

Reinnstall it and the re-uninstall it?



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There is a couple of things you can check to see if Immunet is still installed. Look in the Program Files directory and see if there is a Immunet 3.0 folder listed. You could also check to see if Immunet's processes are still running using Task Manager (press Ctrl, Alt, Delete). These processes are agent.exe and iptray.exe. Let us know what you find.


Regards, Ritchie...

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Ritchie, that's what's strange.


There's no immunet-folder in C:\Program Files...no agent.exe or iptray.exe shown in processes in Task Manager.


But as said, when turning off MSE the Win Sec Centre says

"Immunet 3.0 er oppdatert og virusskanning er på" - that's Norwegian meaning "...is updated and virusprotection is on"...

So I'm somewhat confused.


The story is:

I installed Immunet via filehippo.com.

It caused no problem.

But there was an update which caused some conflicts(many months ago), don't exactly remember what it was now...

So I uninnstalled it.


This is the story and the present situation.

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I did a little research on the web and couldn't find any related information concerning Microsoft Security Essentials and the problem you're seeing. I would venture to guess that there are some orphaned registry components left over after you uninstalled Immunet. That's what's causing the MSE detection. How one would find and delete these left over files is a little beyond my level of expertise. You could email Support and explain to them what's going on. The address is support@immunet.com That would be one option.


Another option would be to reinstall the free version of Immunet and have it run along side of MSE as they can be made compatible by simply excluding each other's Program Files folders in their respective settings. This would give you the added benefit of "much better malware protection" than just using MSE alone. http://news.softpedia.com/news/Microsoft-Admits-That-Security-Essentials-Is-Just-a-Basic-Anti-Virus-Product-386213.shtml If your comfortable enough with the English language I would recommend you install the English version of Immunet as that will give you the newest build with all the most recent bug fixes included. Worth considering anyway! :-) Click this link to download the bootstrapper installer if you wish: http://download.immu...mmunetSetup.exe


Best wishes, Ritchie...

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That's cool ove! Glad that worked out! Yeah, I really think you should run the free version of Immunet as a companion AV to MSE. Like I said in the other thread that will provide you with a "substantial improvement" against malware infections. If you clicked on the link and read the Softpedia article you know then that even Microsoft admits that MSE is just a very basic AV product that usually does rather poorly during malware testing compared to other AV solutions! Of course it's up to you if you want to use Immunet too but that's what I would do if I were using MSE.


Personally I use Panda Cloud AV Pro & Immunet Protect Free (ClamAV enabled) as my combo (I was one of the original closed & public beta testers for Panda Cloud when it was first introduced several years ago and have been using it since, then I discovered the free version of Immunet which can be used as a companion AV and the rest is history!). I've used this set up for several years now with great success! Immunet & Panda Cloud where the first two AV's to utilize "Cloud Technology" which at that time made them quite new & inovative. That was the attraction for me in the beginning. Of course numerous other AV companys have followed suit since then and with good reason!


Instead of waiting hours, days or even weeks for definitions to be created and downloaded to you for new emerging threats, as with traditional signature based AV's which MSE is one of them, with cloud technology you're protected from new threats in almost real-time! The disadvantage to this is an internet connection is required to keep you connected to the cloud. With Immunet that's where the TETRA module (Plus users) and the ClamAV module (Free users) comes into play. With one or the other modules enabled & updated that gives you "off-line" scanning/detection/removal capabilities as well. The TETRA module (based on Bitdefender's detection engine) will even detect root-kits!


Speaking of root-kits, since you're using the free version of Immunet which will not detect root-kits I would recommend you install the free version of Malwarebytes as an additional "on-demand" scanner. MB is good a finding root-kit infections. So is Kaspersky's TDSSKiller. I use both free scanning tools myself and run them from time to time just in case.


Best wishes, Ritchie...

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I'll be using:

MSE + Free Immunet + malwarebytes (always been used) + the antirootkit from Kaspersky.


Why not Panda Cloud?

Before trying out Immunet first time, I tried Panda Cloud.

Well, it made a lot of mess.

It semmed to work fine until one day...and after that day I always had a boot issue.

What happened was that the computer displayed a blue screen with white text saying a hard disk needed consistency check...Every time.

And had to run through the check (could cancel it, but...).


I tried Panda Cloud today alongside Immunet and the same happended again, 4 times out of 4!

So I will not try it again...


I'm happy with my new mix of the protection software, and think I will be.

I appreciate the help I've got here.

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That setup should keep you well protected ove! Good choices. That's strange you've had so much trouble with Panda Cloud though. They work together very nicely for me. Although I have excluded each other's Program Files folder so as to avoid any possible conflicts. That's always recommended anyways if you use Immunet Free with another AV.


Cheers, Ritchie...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Immunet works great!

I've tried to use only Immunet and not MSE alongside (as version 4.4 of MSE seemed to eat my CPU, an old PC).

Immunet does not slow down my PC at all.


When using Immunet alone I have run Malwarebytes and even SuperAntiSpyware and even Norman Malware Cleaner (and (Kasperskys antirootkit) very often to test.

There has been no threats found, seems to work better than MSE alone.


I will install it on my wife's PC (possibly the Plus version).

I will even try Panda Cloud alongside on this one (Win 7).


Thumbs up for Immunet!

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Thank you for the complements ove! Ya know, Immunet Protect Free (Enable ClamAV Engine & Allow Defination Updates turned on) "doesn't have to be" used along side of another AV, It will provide more than adequate protection for the "average" home user as a stand alone AV too. It's up to the user really, if you want to use the minimalist approach or use Immunet Free as an added anti-malware layer in already existing security software. Of course, the Plus version (Enable TETRA Engine & Allow Defination Updates turned on, ClamAV & updates for it turned off) is specifically designed to be a stand alone AV solution with features that the free version doesn't include.


Best wishes, Ritchie...

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