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Failed Quarantine


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I have the latest version of Immunet. Today a scan was made on my machine and it noted two hits. However it noted that quarantine failed. The two hits were associated with my AVG Antivirus signature. I can't exclude because AVG isn't in the list of apps for exclusion. Appreciate the help.

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Hi Jim,

As far as I know immunet is not compatible with AVG and with the lack of support immunet is getting I don't think that will change, worse the site moderator who was doing his  best has been missing for months and he was a big help. 

My bet is that it's flagging temp files used as virus signitues that AVG uses. Or AVG has files in it's quarantine that immunet is finding. Do you know what it's finding?  Can you give me a bit more information to see if I can help you out? 


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Hi Jim, you can run Immunet in parallel with most AV software by going into Immunet's settings, looking for the "exclusions" section, and adding that AV's folders in there as exceptions.

Your false-positives are probably occurring on AVG's virus database (especially during updates), or temporary files (especially during scanning). It's well-known that because virus-databases contain virus signatures, one software's database can quite often be mistaken for a real virus by another's.

You can avoid the problem by following the below general procedure:

Most AVs will have a folder with their name under "C:\Program Files (x86)" and/or "C:\Program Files", and they often also have a data folder under "C:\ProgramData". If you exclude these two (or three) folders from Immunet's scanning, the false-positives should disappear.

I'm sorry I can't give you specific step-by-step instructions, because I haven't used AVG since around 1999 when it was produced by a small eastern-European firm called "Grisoft", so don't know exactly what its program folders would be called nowadays.

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