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Trojan Dected


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Hi Mike, don't delete anything yet. Other users have reported this detection name as a false positive. Do you use Defender or Security Essentials with Immunet? If so it very well could be a false positive. Click on Quarantine and click on one of the threat names. Does the file path look something like this? mpasdlta.vdm.new.temp The ClamAV module is flagging the antispyware defination update files for these programs as malicious. Steps are being taken to fix this situation. Also, thanks for including the threat name. That was very helpful!


Cheers, Ritchie...

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Hi Ritchie,


I responded to your email with a screen shot of the virus but in case you didn't get it, here is the text:



has been detected as Clam.Win.Trojan.Scarh.Quarantine


Thanks for your help.



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So I would assume then you do use either Defender or MSE. That's the same type of file being seen as a FP by other users too as I mentioned. Support should have this fixed by the end of the weekend. I'm hoping that anyways. Since it is a legit Microsoft file you could Restore the file from Quarantine now if you wanted to. When a file is restored from Quarantine it is automatically added to Immunet's Exclusion list and will no longer be scanned.


Something else you could do to help avoid any future conflicts is place the whole Program Files folder for Defender or MSE (which ever one you use) into Immunet's Exclusion list. That is recommended if you use Immunet Free with any other anitmalware program.


Regards, Ritchie...

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