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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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I just wanted to wish all staff, forum members and guests a happy & safe Thanksgiving holiday!


Speaking of safe, because of the winter storm gripping the north-east U.S. at the moment it has made travel quite risky & difficult which will make getting to family & friends that much more of a challenge. We're really getting hammered here in north-west Pa. Right now there's got to be close to 4 feet of snow out there and we're expected to get an additional 4 to 6 inches of new "lake effect" snow tonight through Thursday morning as the back-side of the storm brings down colder Canadian air and picks up moisture from the warmer waters of Lake Erie! Once Lake Erie freezes over, if it gets cold enough later in the season, lake effect snow is greatly diminished in our area.


In fact a "very large" tree limb came down in our side yard because of all the weight of the snow. We were very lucky it didn't cause any serious damage to the house as it came down pretty darn close! Some smaller upper branches actually did hit the house causing minimal damage. I heard the limb come down last night but I thought it was snow falling off the roof! That's what it sounded like to me. Then the next day I see half a tree laying in our yard right next to the house! We dodged a bullet there, lol! It's definetly going to take some chain saws to cut up and remove that baby!


Cheers, Ritchie...

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Happy Thanksgiving to you too Ritchie! I can confirm what Ritchie stated. We are still getting socked with this storm here in N.W. Pennsylvania. I do have to give credit to PennDOT for keeping the main highways fairly clear with lots of plowing and salting during this storm so far. I'm sure those drivers are making some serious overtime right now.

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