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How Do I Know That The Threat Has Been Deleted?

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I'm sorry if this is in the wrong catagory, but when a few threats were detected, they were quarantined, it gave th eoption to delete or restore, now this is where I am confeused, does deleting a quarantined threat, mean its gone for ever like no more threat? or just simpiliy deleted only from the quarantine zone? im sorry but i find this all very confeusing.

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Hi mjndblain, when you use the Delete option for a quarantined threat Immunet will permanently delete this file from your computer. Before using the Delete option it is important to make sure that the file in question is actually a threat and not a false positive. Immunet doesn't get a lot of false positives but it does occur from time to time as with any AV. You wouldn't want to delete a necessary system or 3rd party software file. What you could do, if you're not sure, is keep everything in quarantine for now and post back here the Detection Names and complete file paths (using a screen capture program to take some snap shots of the quarantined items would be even better) and we could take a look at the files here or another option would be to submit a SDT report to Support. Info on how to create and send a SDT report can be found at this FAQ topic. http://forum.immunet...ic-tool-report/ Use which ever method would be more convenient for you.


If, on the other hand, you're sure that the files are genuine threats you can delete them or it doesn't hurt to just leave them in Quarantine since these files have been made safe and can not open or run. That's up to you. Don't click Restore or you'll be unleashing malware back into your system. The Restore option can be used for false positives as that automatically adds the file to Immunet's Exclusion List and will no longer be scanned. The Restore option should only be used when you're "absolutly sure" a file is legitimate.


Cheers, Ritchie...

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