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System Process Protection notification

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Hello raginghonkies,

Staff seem to have abandoned this forum, and the one moderator who used to go "above and beyond", providing technical support, has not been on here for a while.

Immunet has some crude, rudimentary behavioural-blocking capabilities, designed to thwart certain exploits and ransomware for which a detection-signature has not yet been generated.

Unfortunately the actions of a program you have installed on your system, are triggering this blocking functionality.

I've never experienced this myself, except on a piece of software editing ID3 tags on MP3 files, as it must have assumed it looked like ransomware. I never found a way to unblock the blocked actions, or disable the functionality.

Seeing as Immunet is rather outdated and bug-ridden, and now seems to be completely unsupported, I would suggest uninstalling it and using Windows Defender, Sophos Home, or another reputable well-known AV, with Malwarebytes and maybe even ClamWin for a second opinion.


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