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Possible Immunet And Bitdefender Cloud Security Incompatibility


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conficker appeared on a network server recently that had Immunet 3.0 Free installed.


Immunet free correctly detected it and quarantined the file, but I was unable to delete the file.


Bitdefender cloud security was then installed onto the system. Since Immunet quarantined conficker, Bitdefender cloud security installed without any issues.


The problems began once I told Bitdefender to scan the server. iptray consumed all the server memory, while bitdefender kept vehemently complaining about the Immunet quarantined file.


I finally had to kill iptray, and uninstall Immunet. Since the server is a production machine, I have to wait until the weekend to reboot it, and possibly reinstall immunet.

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Hi Naito,


When installing more than one AV product in a computer, it is strongly recommended to add exclusions for each other (So that AV #1 does not Scan files from AV #2).


In this regard, Immunet is no exception. So you should make sure that other AV programs do not scan Immunet's program files, since this might lead to an endless loop.


If possible, please try adding the necessary exclusions (here's how to do it in Immunet for other AV's: make sure you do the reverse process as well)


Let me know if the problem persists.



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Bitdefender Cloud Defender, Under Policies -> (Policy Name) -> Antimalware -> Exclusions


Add Folder with specific path


c:\program files\immunet\tmp

c:\program files (x86)\immunet\tmp

d:\program files\immunet\tmp

d:\program files (x86)\immunet\tmp

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Hi naito, as Jose strongly suggested it may be better if you exclude the whole Program Files folder for Immunet with Bitdefender instead of just the temp files and do the same with Immunet. That is, excluding Bitdefender's Program Files folder with Immunet. That is what's suggested when using Immunet Free with another AV to avoid any possible future conflicts.


If you used older versions of Immunet there may be two Program Files folders in the directory. That woud be C:\Program Files\Immunet and C:\Program Files\Immunet Protect. It would be best if you exclude both folders with Bitdefender if both are present.


Regards, Ritchie...

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